Original Composition Our music production services include underscoring for film, television and web content, as well as commercial jingle composition.

Songwriting Our songwriting capabilities come from years of experience composing, arranging, and recording music and lyrics. Whatever stage your musical ideas are at, we can collaborate with you to bring them to fruition.

Sound Design We have the capabilities to create soundscapes incorporating musical and non-musical sound elements, ambiences, and custom or pre-recorded sound effects to suit your needs.

Sessions Musicians
We have many skilled musicians available for hire. Just mention what you are looking for and we can make the proper arrangements.

Performance Coaching We have the skill, knowledge and experience to help you give your best performance in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Oral History Interview & Recording Preserve the memories of a moment in time or a lifetime. We offer the narrator a comfortable environment in which to openly share and respond to the interviewer's questions, and then create a high-quality recording of the Oral History. The interviews can be recorded in our studio, at your location, or by telephone. Additional services include editing, duplication, and written transcripts. Available on your choice of media.

We are able to produce high quality voiceover recordings. Our production techniques will give your voiceover a strong presence and detailed sound.

Recording/Mixing Starbell Hatchery’s environment is comfortable and conducive to your best artistic work. Our aim is to exceed your expectations for sound quality and creative options. We capture the nuances of your performance. Our vast understanding of music and equipment ensures an exciting and properly balanced mix.

Producing/Creative Development
We will work with you on every aspect of your project from concept to finish, while always remaining true to your artistic core.